Extraordinary Form
December 03, 2015
Traditionalist movement responds to request by bishops of England and Wales for 2008 prayer to be revised
July 09, 2015
Francis is confounding those who presented him as an enemy of traditionalism. The movement is actually flourishing thanks to his ‘live and let live’ attitude
May 12, 2015
Bishop Mark O'Toole praises 'the fidelity of those who like to attend Mass in the Extraordinary Form'
February 26, 2015
The beauty of the old rite of baptism is that it faces the reality of evil head-on
December 22, 2014
Open letter makes an appeal for an end to 'marginalisation' of those attached to Extraordinary Form
December 04, 2014
Scripture readings in the ordinary and extraordinary form
November 28, 2014
‘Gazing about, reaching for this and that’: the challenge of distraction, it seems, was just as strong at the EF as with the Novus Ordo
July 08, 2014
Seven years ago Benedict XVI's motu proprio liberated the traditional Latin Mass from all restrictions