As children are put to death, Belgium’s experience shows the ‘slippery slope’ is real

The children are the first to die by lethal injection since Belgium changed the law in 2014

The proposal deeply divided the Catholic nation

A misguided act of mercy for the few has become a right for the many

Aurelia Brouwers was physically fit but wanted to end her life due to mental illness

The number of dementia patients killed by euthanasia has risen fourfold over the past five years

Deacon Ivo Poppe is accused of murdering at least 10 people while he was a nurse

Belgian nurses say the country’s growing euthanasia culture is in ‘complete contradiction’ to their training

A 38-year-old autism sufferer was killed without required documentation after ending a love affair

The philosopher, a former member of St John Paul II’s pro-life academy, said that accepting Fr Chiodi’s remarks would be a ‘betrayal’