end of life care

The case will be examined by Dutch prosecutors to see if a crime has been committed

There is too much evidence that the LCP is being used by some doctors as euthanasia by the back door, and that they are wilfully failing to consult: the Health Secretary will be ignored

It was a significant contrast to the sad, hasty and solitary deaths so many people are subjected to, not least on the Liverpool Care Pathway

Department of Health says it will not launch an inquiry into the Liverpool Care Pathway despite plea from archbishop

In a lecture Bishop Anthony Fisher says cost-cutting may lead to a compromise on basic moral principles

A professor has suggested in the BMJ that hydrating and feeding dementia patients ‘skews’ resources

The recent scandals in the NHS highlight our society’s lack of respect for old people. We should offer more help to families caring for relatives, but we also have to change our attitude towards the elderly