Downton Abbey
November 18, 2015
Downton is accurate in at least one regard in that it gives us a taster of anti-Catholic prejudice
October 01, 2015
A sneak preview of this week's issue
October 01, 2015
Downton tells us nothing truthful about 1925
September 10, 2015
Death in old age is a natural process which we must all eventually face
December 01, 2014
There’s no need to adopt their fasting rules, but we can learn quite a bit from the Russians’ preparations for Christmas
July 24, 2013
Elizabeth Woodville was an extraordinary and beautiful woman whose descendents still rule us
April 04, 2013
A new book gives an eye-opening account of the history of servants in Britain
February 11, 2013
A daily guide to what's happening in the Catholic Church