February 01, 2017
The Confraternities of Catholic Clergy said the dubia would help to clear up confusion
February 01, 2017
The group did not include Cardinal Gerhard Müller, who has said the practice is against God's law
February 01, 2017
The cardinal said that nobody, not even a pope, could change the teaching reaffirmed by St John Paul II
January 18, 2017
Bishop Lopes says that a firm resolution to avoid grave sin is necessary before receiving Communion
November 21, 2016
The Pope visited the offices of the Roman Rota, a marriage tribunal, to speak to the bishops
November 18, 2016
The Pope spoke out after a letter from four cardinals asked for clarification of Amoris Laetitia
November 16, 2016
The cardinal said there was a tradition of issuing a formal correction if a Pope is in error
September 19, 2016
The Church's teaching has been consistent from the early Church to modern Popes. Last week's events didn't change it