Diocese of Portsmouth
November 13, 2013
Bishop Egan hopes communal act the Sacred Heart will strengthen Christian identity
July 30, 2013
Bishop Philip Egan condemns Parliament's "Orwellian attempt to redefine marriage"
July 23, 2013
Bishop Egan writes to Duke and Duchess of Cambridge after birth of son
April 29, 2013
Two writers unveil a plan to help the country overcome economic crisis
September 26, 2012
Bishop Philip Egan says people in Britain are 'sorely in need of new hope'
September 21, 2012
Ordination of Bishop-elect Egan will be streamed live online and be seen by up to 30,000 pupils
July 13, 2012
If the judgment is upheld, canon law is to be replaced by employment law
July 12, 2012
Diocese says it is considering an appeal to the Supreme Court