Coptic Christians

Fr Samaan Shehata was stabbed to death as he walked through a poor area of the city

Reports say 26 Coptic pilgrims were killed while travelling to a monastery

The man had was among many Christians to flee the town of El-Arish just three months earlier, but had returned to find work

The Pope is taking a risk by visiting Egypt, but he is going to the right place at the right time

The Pope released a video message ahead of his visit to Egypt on Friday

In an interview on Egyptian television, she said: ‘I’m not angry at the one who did this, I am telling him, may God forgive you’

Morgan said ISIS’s war on Christianity was not ‘getting the attention it should get in the media around the world’

A spokesman for Chancellor Angela Merkel condemned the suicide bombings that killed 45 people on Sunday

Britain’s Coptic Orthodox bishop said the bombings were a reminder ‘that our life here on earth is a journey often filled with pain’

Reports in Italy claim Francis will visit Cairo’s Al-Azhar, the leading centre of learning of Sunni Islam, in May