March 01, 2021
The appeal of the Catholic Church to converts goes far beyond aesthetics, says Melanie McDonagh
February 25, 2021
Author and gardener Charlie Hart explains why he took to the Roman church, with a little help from CS Lewis and a priest friend
April 26, 2018
Think of the “Second Spring” of English Catholicism and you will probably picture converts such as Cardinal Newman, Ronald Knox and GK Chesterton. Oscar Wilde – who converted on his deathbed in 1900 – is not usually associated with them. But The Happy Prince, a new film about the final years of Wilde’s life directed
April 20, 2018
Conversion involves trustfulness and self-surrender, not simply impulse
April 06, 2018
The encyclical, whose 50th anniversary is in July, has a special way of drawing us out of the darkness and towards God
March 01, 2018
The internet is changing the way people cross the Tiber
February 21, 2018
She has over 180,000 subscribers
February 05, 2018
Fr Donald Haggerty has written a book that deserves reading and re-reading