Code of Canon Law

The principles of Freemasonry are fundamentally incompatible with Catholic teaching

Such actions mean a bishop must intervene before a person can be ordained, according to a new document

The changes, brought in after 15 years of study, are to help Eastern Christians living in Latin-majority lands

The potential scope of the new definition of episcopal negligence is of huge significance

The Pope has made canon law changes with the aim of making marriage annulment quicker and cheaper

The Pope’s recent comment about ‘doctors of the law’ is being flung in canonists’ faces

The Church is governed by a universal series of laws – where this basic principal has been ignored, chaos and injustice have reigned

Prelates who fail to apply penalties seem to be ‘consenting to the evil committed’, says cardinal

Australia may follow England and Wales in restoring penitential practice

Archbishop Gregory Aymond said that alligators should be “considered seafood”