clerical abuse

The priests asked for pardon over its handling of clerical abuse

The Archbishop of Paraiba said he made the mistake of being too trusting

The potential scope of the new definition of episcopal negligence is of huge significance

Under new procedures, Vatican will launch an investigation when there is ‘serious evidence’ of negligence

Fr Virgilio Elizondo, professor at the University of Notre Dame, was found dead in his home

Fr Lombardi says the cardinal gave a ‘lucid’ picture of errors committed by the Church over clerical abuse

The cardinal said any resignation would be taken as an admission of guilt

The cardinal met a group of survivors this morning after four days of questioning by an Australian royal commission

The cardinal said he he had heard rumours about Brother Ted Dowlan, but assumed they were being dealt with

The cardinal told an Australian commission he had been ‘kept in the dark’ about the crimes of Gerald Ridsdale