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Extremists then attacked the priests who came to help them

The Creed’s affirmation that the Son of God ‘became man’ has hit me with full force in the past few days

Bishop Vecchi said that, while the inclusion of a boat might be justified, the crib was an essential sign of Jesus’ humbling Himself

Christmas Eve falls on the 4th Sunday of Advent this year. What does that mean for Mass attendance?

Judith Flanders presents some fascinating cultural insights, but is too keen to play down the spirituality of the season

Catholics in New Jersey want Archbishop Sheen’s birthday to be celebrated around the world

The Pope said his Christmas message ‘goes out to the ends of the earth to reach all peoples, especially those scarred by war’

In his Urbi et Orbi blessing, the Pope called for an end to the fighting in Syria and other war-torn countries