Christians in the Middle East
January 13, 2021
Led by an English priest, Msgr. Richard Barry-Doyle, one initiative in particular raised awareness, funds and eyebrows throughout the United States. Msgr. Barry-Doyle’s “Call of the East” packed music halls and theaters. Later incorporated in Pennsylvania as The Catholic Near East Welfare Association, the new outfit sought to raise funds to help address the many needs of the endangered Eastern churches and the people they served.
September 15, 2016
Christian militias are merely defending villages from an enemy that will show no mercy. But in doing so they must make dangerous choices
September 01, 2016
Working at her side as the West prepared for war with Saddam Hussein, I saw her dread as she glimpsed the future of Middle Eastern Christianity
August 05, 2016
Only 40,000 Christians are left in Aleppo, according to reports
November 19, 2015
Cardinal O'Brien, who ministered to dying troops in Vietnam, suggests US public is 'very blase' about ISIS
August 27, 2015
The archbishop says the crisis in Iraq has challenged his faith despite him encouraging Christians who flee to Irbil
August 07, 2015
Knights of Columbus have already raised $3 million for Christian refugees
July 23, 2015
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