February 17, 2021
More than fifty Irish faith leaders — including several Catholic figures — have signed a statement condemning the persecution of the Uyghurs and other Muslims in Xinjiang, China, where it has been widely reported that no fewer than a million Uyghur and other Muslims are confined to internment camps and set to labour as slaves.
February 04, 2021
Uyghur women interned in China’s “re-education” camps are subjected to systemic rape by Chinese soldiers, a former camp detainee told the BBC.
January 14, 2021
Open Doors, the charity supporting persecuted Christians around the world, published its 2021 list of the countries where Christians face the most extreme persecution
January 01, 2021
If Cardinal Parolin and Archbishop Gallagher are clear-eyed regarding the terms of their arrangement, so is Cardinal Zen in his estimation of its effect.
October 07, 2020
Archbishop Gallagher's remarks came in an interview with Crux.
July 06, 2020
The questions journalists have now, are: “What made Pope Francis not say the thing?” and “What does this tell us about both the Vatican’s China policy and who has the Pope’s ear in these and other regards?”
July 01, 2020
Zen said that he had "no confidence" in religious freedom protections in the new security law.
June 29, 2020
The Chinese government is forcing Uyghur women to take contraceptives in an effort to slow the growing population. One expert called the campaign "a slow, painful, creeping genocide"