Cardinal Sarah

Papal allies constantly urge Pope Francis to remove the cardinal. But he has good reasons not to

‘One can no longer hold that translations must conform in every point to the norms of Liturgiam Authenticam,’ the Pope said

Cardinal Sarah uses the term ‘reconciliation’ because moving towards his vision begins with a change of heart

Cardinal Sarah’s opponents have attacked his views and called for his sacking. His response has been a gracious silence

In this extract from his new book, the Vatican’s head of liturgy tells Nicolas Diat that we need to rediscover a ‘joyful and sacred fear’

Critics have suggested that the John Paul II Institute is being quietly changed under new leadership

The cardinal said that his comments about the liturgy at a conference in London last month were misinterpreted

Tune in and find out what’s really happening in the Catholic Church

Commentators have debated the Vatican’s ‘rebuke’, Latin translation and the future of the liturgy

The cardinal speech entitled, Towards an Authentic Implementation of Sacrosanctum Concilium, was delivered in London on July 5