Thirty were martyred at the hands of Dutch Calvinists in Brazil

A centenary Mass in September will mark the start of formal efforts to promote his possible canonisation

Critics say that a new path to canonisation lowers the bar, but it is less revolutionary than they think

Laying down one’s life for others is now a category under which a person might be beatified or canonised

The canonisation ceremony will be held exactly 100 years since the first apparition of Our Lady of Fatima

Even before the Vatican approved Jacinta and Francisco’s miracle, the Fatima seers’ holiness was obvious

Mother Marie Adele Garnier claimed she saw a consecrated host bleed in the hands of a priest

His radiant personality and his detachment from the world have inspired many Catholics

American pilgrims were amongst those delighted to celebrate Mother Teresa’s canonisation

The container holding the relics of St Teresa reflects her work and values, says priest