canon law
November 18, 2020
An offer of help to Catholics in need of legal problem-solving
November 04, 2020
Local bishops must now receive express prior approval from Rome before recognising new communities of men and women religious.
August 11, 2018
Public penance should be the first response. Then let's look at some basic improvements to canon law
January 05, 2018
Modern-day Pharisees are trying to get round the Church's teaching on objective right and wrong. Their next target? Humanae Vitae
December 04, 2017
The Pope has given official approval to a document by the Buenos Aires bishops. That won't necessarily change what Catholics believe
September 22, 2017
The mooted reforms could strengthen the Vatican's response to abuse - as long as the canonical process is respected
August 24, 2017
The proposed reform would be hard to implement. Here's another way to change canon law
August 02, 2017
The wedding was carried out according to a rarely-used provision of canon law