canon law

Public penance should be the first response. Then let’s look at some basic improvements to canon law

Modern-day Pharisees are trying to get round the Church’s teaching on objective right and wrong. Their next target? Humanae Vitae

The Pope has given official approval to a document by the Buenos Aires bishops. That won’t necessarily change what Catholics believe

The mooted reforms could strengthen the Vatican’s response to abuse – as long as the canonical process is respected

The proposed reform would be hard to implement. Here’s another way to change canon law

The wedding was carried out according to a rarely-used provision of canon law

Unless the Pope formally abrogates the Order’s rights, no Vatican department can investigate the Order – and certainly not the Secretariat of State

The first English translation of the Pope’s announcement on harmonising Eastern and Latin canon law. Translated by Fr James Bradley and Ed Condon

The Pope’s new set of canons are significant because they locate the epicenter of the abuse crisis in the episcopacy

The potential scope of the new definition of episcopal negligence is of huge significance