buffer zones

The MPs want the government to impose exclusion zones around every clinic in Britain

Aisha Chithira died of internal bleeding after a late-term abortion at the Ealing clinic

They accused Ealing Council of violating basic rights to free speech, prayer, and free assembly

Alina Dugheriu, who was helped by a pro-life vigil, said she did not want women to have ‘vital support’ removed

Nobody supported me in my pregnancy. Then I was thrown a lifeline

Yesterday’s decision is a clear violation of civil liberties, and there is a dreadful irony at its heart

The mothers, who were helped by pro-life vigils, say they have been ignored by Ealing Council

Bishop Sherrington said a ban would threaten freedom of expression and foster intolerance

Southwark Borough Council will now step up efforts to gather evidence against pro-lifers

The abortion lobby is running scared. No wonder it’s targeting pro-lifers