British Medical Association

Is it really such a radical idea to think healthcare professionals should not be forced to help in procedures to which they morally object?

Some doctors are quitting the union, saying it has been ‘hijacked’ by people pushing an ‘extreme’ agenda

The BMA passed the motion by a two-thirds majority, against the wishes of around 1,500 doctors

Doctors have criticised the ‘extreme’ proposal, saying it would ‘severely damage’ the reputation of the British Medical Association

The vote comes despite a recent poll showing the vast majority of the public oppose such a move

Inquiry finds that doctors who conscientiously object to abortion are denied career choices

The doctors’ trade union voted by 198 to 115 to maintain its current position

It is perfectly legitimate for doctors and nurses to let nature take its course, and let people die in peace

Professor Jack Scarisbrick says abortion services have ‘become a ‘runaway bus’