Boris Johnson

The foreign secretary said the terminally ill child cannot leave Great Ormond Street Hospital for legal reasons

No one minds Boris Johnson accusing the Iranians of stirring up war; what upsets Downing Street is the thought of criticism directed at our allies, the Saudis

How on earth are we meant to defeat Islamism if we seem so unable or unwilling to understand its roots?

The Government has handled this issue extraordinarily badly

An evening of wonder and spectacle could feature the industrial revolution without the Salvation Army

The Mayor of New York wants to ban super-sized cups of sugary drinks. I’d go further

Front-page editorial says any move to BCE/CE instead of BC/AD is an attempt to deny the west’s Christian roots

If our timeline does not commemorate the birth of Christ it has no business to exist at all

The Holy Father met the Mayor of London last night

And what should he guard against?