Bishop John Arnold
December 08, 2017
Bishop John Arnold of Salford said his presence aimed to show 'we have more in common than what might appear to divide us'
June 13, 2017
The Bishop of Salford said it was a pity the president had 'seemingly not read' the copy of Laudato Si' he was handed by Pope Francis
June 06, 2017
Bishop John Arnold said public displays of resilience risked 'throwing a blanket' over a deeper desire to mourn for the victims
May 23, 2017
He says: 'May God grant strength and enduring faith to all who are bereaved, injured and traumatised'
March 03, 2016
Bishop John Arnold met asylum seekers last week in Manchester
July 02, 2010
About 35 young Catholics are being trained to generate ‘joyful noise’ on social media sites during the Pope’s visit in September