January 05, 2021
The Holy See press office announced Jan. 5 that the newborns would be baptized instead in their home parishes.
May 09, 2018
Holy Father tells pilgrims at general audience: 'God never disowns his children'
April 12, 2018
The Pope also said that everyone should remember the date of their baptism
August 03, 2017
Marriage and baptism are not bourgeois rites of passage. We need to make them easier
May 04, 2017
Fr Michael Kerper sheds light on some of the most nagging questions about Catholicism
January 09, 2017
Pope Francis baptised 28 infants in the Sistine Chapel
September 28, 2016
Bishop Marcus Stock said he was concerned about the number of baptised Catholics who were not confirmed
June 09, 2016
Despite some mysterious statements in canon law, the truth is that nothing can ever erase one's Baptism