Assyrian Christians

ISIS has brought terror to Iraq’s Christian community. Now there’s a military fightback – but could it make things even worse?

The hostages were the final group of more than 200 Christians abducted by the terrorists last year

Until the murderous persecution of Christians by ISIS is recognised for what it is, its perpetrators cannot be brought to international justice

The Syrian Observatory on Human Rights has reported a group of elderly Christians kidnapped by Islamists in February have been freed

A daily guide to what’s happening in the Catholic Church

A handwritten list apparently shows the names of those who have been abducted

Islamic State militants have been pushed back from villages dotting the Khabur River

Over 200 hostages now face a Sharia court in Raqqa

A century after the genocide began, Turkey still refuses to accept the truth. Yet for the sake of today’s persecuted Christians, the past must not be forgotten

Two of the Assyrian Christian hostages released by ISIS have spoken to the media