anti-Christian persecution

The Prince of Wales said he was ‘profoundly shocked’ to hear the persecution Christians had endured in the Middle East

The Prince said religious freedom could be a matter of life and death

Mgr Janusz Urbanczyk said Christians were often unjustly accused of ‘bigotry’

Yassir Saad said he wanted to ‘join our Christian brothers in their holiday celebrations’

Francis called Coptic Orthodox Pope Tawadros to express his condolences after the Cairo cathedral attack

A mob attacked Christian homes in Egypt merely because of a rumour that a church might be built

Buildings across the country were lit up to mark ‘Red Wednesday’

Aid to the Church in Need say one in five countries has experienced Islamist violence since mid-2014

The article in La Stampa is headlined ‘Catholics who are anti-Francis but love Putin’