Andy Burnham
May 26, 2017
It's time they got off the fence
October 01, 2015
Old-style socialists like Jeremy Corbyn may be atheists but they are less likely than the liberal Left to be ideologically opposed to religion
August 11, 2015
The Labour leadership hopeful has claimed that Catholic Social Teaching underpins his politics, without explaining how this is the case
August 10, 2015
Labour leadership contender has spoken about his Catholic upbringing and his current attitude to the faith
August 06, 2015
Once inspired by Methodism and Catholic Social Teaching, the party has now become hostile to the faithful – and things can only get worse
May 29, 2015
Andy Burnham says Francis must 'bring the Church into the 21st century'
February 16, 2011
Education Secretary says academy status offers Catholic schools the chance to 'extend hard-won freedoms'