AN Wilson
March 09, 2017
At times, Roy Hattersley’s account may make readers ashamed to be English
November 03, 2016
William Friedkin has reached the same conclusion as the late exorcist Fr Gabriele Amorth
August 25, 2016
This stunning first novel about the 'Michelangelo of Suffolk' brings the 19th century vividly to life
February 12, 2015
Queen Victoria would have approved of the Prince's defending the faith – up to a point
January 02, 2015
The BBC's documentary about the Christian apologist proved short-sighted at times
November 22, 2013
Buildings can decay, religious communities die but each generation invariably throws up new holy people who run with the torch of the Christian faith
April 04, 2013
Without the welfare state, he says, Philpott would have been 'decently employed'. Maybe it’s more likely he would still have been a criminal?
September 07, 2012
AN Wilson's first novel for five years is a major event