Alfie Evans

Chris Gard and Connie Yates said that their son’s case, like that of Alfie Evans, showed the need for a law which avoids ‘unnecessary conflicts’

The Rome contingent of Alfie’s Army is growing daily

The intransigence of the British courts – and a large swathe of British opinion – makes the country look intolerant

The Alfie Evans case has shaken Britain and the Church. It raises serious questions about whether the law needs to change

Appeal judges upheld Tuesday’s High Court ruling

The Medical Ethics Alliance said the refusal to allow Alfie Evans to travel to Italy for treatment was ‘medical tyranny’

The courage and dedication of his parents is an inspiration, as is the unqualified support of Pope Francis

Tom Evans and Kate James are appealing after the High Court ruled Aflie could not be transferred to Italy

His life support was removed after his parents lost a last-ditch appeal on Monday evening

Italy’s foreign and interior ministers said they hope he can now be transferred to the country ‘immediately’