2019 abuse summit

The cases of Mgr Punderson and Bishop Zanchetta show a culture that has to change

Inés San Martin asked how we can believe there will be no more cover-ups when the Pope ‘covered up’ for a bishop ‘who had gay porn on his phone involving young people’

The Church must recognise the ‘impeccable seriousness’ of these ‘sins and crimes of consecrated persons’, the Pope said

Three days after Pope Francis called for ‘concrete, effective measures’ are we anywhere nearer solving the crisis?

Reports and Commentary, from Rome and Elsewhere, on the
‘Meeting for the Protection of Minors’

The concluding address did not present a detailed, coherent strategy for reform

Cardinal Marx says: ‘The rights of victims were effectively trampled underfoot and left to the whims of individuals’

Journalist Valentina Alazraki told the bishops what they needed to hear

The summit could inspire local bishops to take a lead in tackling the crisis