November 20, 2019
Maria Candela Temes
The ball is now in the tech companies’ court. That is one way to summarise the two-day conference at the Vatican last week with religious leaders, NGOs, policy makers and high-level tech representatives to discuss the protection of children in the digital world. Pope Francis strongly addressed the executives of the Big Five – Facebook,
March 14, 2019
Carl Miller
It was late last year, and I was witnessing a new form of religious persecution. In front of me, millions of tweets had been turned into metrics: lines, graphs, dots and splashes of colour. They showed a big group of Twitter accounts, who had all joined the platform together in August 2015. Obsessed with sport
November 15, 2018
Christopher R. Altieri
Several stories over the past few weeks have made some hay with a few lines from the recent synod’s final document regarding the “certification” of websites as somehow authentically Catholic. Buried in paragraph 146 of the final document we read: “The synod hopes that, in the Church, appropriate offices or bodies for digital culture and