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If only this year’s synod could take its lead from the Sylvester household

These Byzantine brothers changed the course of European history by bringing Orthodox Christianity to the Slavs of the Balkans

It is important that Catholics learn about what really caused England’s break with Rome

St Brigid’s feast day was once a major date in the Irish social calendar

Fourth Sunday of the Year, deut 18:15-20; 1 cor 7:32-35; mk 1:21-28 (year b)

There may be the freedom to insult religious belief in a secular state, but holding it as a jewel in the crown of democracy is wrong

St Thomas was one of the greatest theologians in history

Francis is known for his writing on spiritual formation and is the patron saint of journalists

While God sometimes does extraordinary things in our lives, he sometimes doesn’t do ordinary things we feel would be immediately helpful

By moving a feast day as ancient as the Epiphany to the nearest Sunday, we run the risk of contradicting the message we claim to proclaim