Life & Soul
August 27, 2021
William Cash
A pilgrimage to the of holy outpost of Iona, 40 years after 
first being inspired to visit the tiny Hebridean island
July 29, 2021
Tessa Balfour
Grouse breasts with pancetta and olive tapenade
July 28, 2021
Charlie Hart
After the whirligig of summer, it’s time to stop and think and consider what 
has worked well in the garden – and what might work next year, says Charlie Hart
July 28, 2021
Michael Hodges
The wonderful historic Catholic churches of Preston should be a priority for restoration – a coordinated approach is needed
July 11, 2021
From the Archives
Ten years ago, reporting that the Vatican had named St Luigi Scrosoppi as the patron saint of footballers, the Catholic Herald's editors noted that "The Vatican has stressed that his care is extended to all players; one trusts, therefore, that his favours would be neutrally bestowed in a tight World Cup final between England and Italy."
July 03, 2021
Br. Mark Dohle
When looking for a quote on doubt, on this feast of St Thomas the Apostle, whom we call “Doubting Thomas,” I was surprised how differently people look upon this common human experience. Some of the quotes presented doubt as if it was some kind of failure. For instance, a quote from the Evangelical pastor John
July 01, 2021
Cressida Connolly
The author and journalist Cressida Connolly negotiates a Communion conundrum, with little sympathy from the priest
July 01, 2021
Tessa Balfour
Our hostess rises to the occasion this month 
with a pair of soufflé recipes
July 01, 2021
Charlie Hart
Prised from his Suffolk idyll to take his family to Norfolk, 
Charlie Hart looks forward to a joyous return to his garden
July 01, 2021
Michael Hodges
The Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady Walsingham was established on 15 January 2011 by Pope Benedict XVI in accordance with the Apostolic Constitution Anglicanorum coetibus to enable Anglicans to enter into the full communion of the Catholic Church while retaining much of their heritage. Monsignor Keith Newton, formerly the Anglican Bishop of Richborough, was named
June 26, 2021
Michael Duggan
What happened when convinced anti-Catholics of the established order had an actual personal encounter with the Church, its people and institutions?
June 22, 2021
Russell E. Saltzman
Russell E. Saltzman remembers a funeral for a parishioner in his days as a Lutheran pastor, "A nice fellow," he writes, "with a plain garden variety dementia, not Alzheimer's, not the sexy one everybody knows about." He says the fellow "shrank in upon himself, became less and less of himself, shriveling and his world with him." He would sit, quietly alone, as the end approached. "Where was his memory?" Russ wonders. "Where was he?"
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