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Benedict XVI thanks officers for maintaining order in the Eternal City

The lambs’ wool will be used to make palliums for metropolitan archbishops

Tory MP Nadine Dorries tells Ed West that she felt badly let down by Christians in her fight to reform abortion law

Catherine Ashton, EU foreign policy chief, says Europe won’t ‘turn a blind eye’ to plight of Middle East Christians

Boycott by scholars in Egypt comes after Pope Benedict XVI’s remarks about anti-Christian violence

A doctor in Philadelphia is charged with murdering seven newborn babies and a female patient

Bishop Kussala says military action over several years has failed to stop killing sprees and abductions

Ecumenical movement has led to ‘a sense of brotherhood’ among Christians, Benedict XVI says at general audience

St Fran├žois de Sales (January 24) said he did not necessarily disapprove of ‘games, balls and pageants’