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A reading age of 16 is required to understand the Pope’s addresses, according to a linguistic test

Union at University College London compels pro-life groups to invite pro-abortion speakers to their discussions

Christ’s prayer at the Last Supper can be seen as ‘as instituting the Church’, the Pope says

Blocking Government reforms was ‚Äúvital to protect children facing poverty”

Archbishop Peter Smith raised concerns with Theresa May in a 40-minute meeting yesterday

Benedict XVI, in an apparent reference to Twitter, says profound thoughts can be communicated even in concise phrases

Benedict XVI explains that the celebrations “are not strictly liturgical, but are part of an itinerary of growth in the faith”

Etsuro Sotoo is completing the main sculptures of the Sagrada Familia

St Agnes (January 21) went to the place of execution ‘more cheerfully than others go to their wedding’

Scripture readings in the Ordinary and Extraordinary Form