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Our longstanding book reviewer has died aged 72. Here we publish one of the last reviews he filed before he passed away

Author and actor Eric Bogosian has created a work of history that reads more like a spy thriller

A disturbing book investigates why Catholic priests served in the Wehrmacht

Irrational Man sees Woody Allen get philosophical once again

The much-maligned Antonio Rosmini is finally getting the recognition he deserves

Cartel Land doesn’t make for comfortable viewing, and rightly so

In Andrew Haigh’s 45 Years, the past comes back to haunt a seemingly happily married couple

In this superb biography of Archbishop Daniel Mannix , Brenda Niall delivers an even-handed assessment of her subject

Gemma Bovery is a contrived comedy; briefly enjoyable but lacking depth

Books about the Trinity don’t usually mention Pinocchio or Heston Blumenthal – this one does…