December 05, 2015
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December 03, 2015
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December 01, 2015
Bishop Philip Egan
Recently, I visited a remarkable day centre in the south of England that cares for the homeless. It’s called The Vine Centre and it occupies a three-floor corner shop in Aldershot town centre, just near the station. Staffed largely by volunteers, the centre exists to help the neediest in north-east Hampshire. It runs a weekly
December 01, 2015
John Pridmore
As we approach the Year of Mercy, I often reflect on how the biggest part of God’s heart is his mercy and how that same mercy has changed my life. I was born in the East End of London. When I was 10 my parents told me to choose which one of them I wanted
December 01, 2015
Laura Keynes
Fulton Sheen is reputed to have said, “Hearing nuns’ confessions is like being stoned to death with popcorn.” I can’t remember where I read it or why it stuck in my mind, but the words came back to me as I waited in line to make my first confession in more than 20 years. It
December 01, 2015
Joseph Pearce
In CS Lewis’s magical tale The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, the Witch reminds Aslan of “the Deep Magic from the Dawn of Time”: You… know the Magic which the Emperor put into Narnia at the very beginning. You know that every traitor belongs to me as my lawful prey and that for every
December 01, 2015
Fr Tim Finigan
I recently enjoyed an excellent concert of sacred music in one of our major churches. Afterwards it struck me that the same music could have been executed within the liturgical celebration for which it was composed. Should these works be performed as concerts in our churches? In 1987, the Congregation for Divine Worship (CDW) issued
December 01, 2015
Stuart Reid
It is Thanksgiving Day in America (Thursday, November 26) – and increasingly here in Britain, too. It’s never going to catch on like Halloween, of course, because it is neither degenerate nor aimed at middle-class children and their yummy mummies. Still, it is growing in popularity. Waitrose reports that turkey pre-orders for Thanksgiving weekend were up
December 01, 2015
Quentin de la Bedoyere
There I was, repairing this fiddly little gadget, when I lost my screwdriver. I knew I had used it not a minute before, but it had disappeared. Frustrated, I asked my wife if she had seen it. Within a second she picked it up from the very spot where I had put it down. How
December 01, 2015
Luke Coppen
I wish someone had warned me that jigsaws could be such an emotional rollercoaster. It all began harmlessly enough when my daughter set up a camping table in our living room, tipped out a puzzle and frowned at the mountain of pieces. She asked me for help, and when I took a seat next to
November 27, 2015
George Weigel
Vatican II was intended as a call to unity and evangelism, but its legacy has been an escalation of intra-Catholic wars. It is time to embrace John XXIII’s original vision  GEORGE WEIGEL Fifty years after the conclusion of the Second Vatican Council, the Church is still bedevilled by competing and often mutually antagonistic answers to
November 25, 2015
Melanie McDonagh
The campaign to “Repeal the 8th” – that is, the bit of the Irish constitution that explicitly gives protection to the unborn child – is well under way, long before the general election is announced in which the issue may well play a part. It’s already apparent that the coverage of the issue is going
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