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April 03, 2020
Thomas Caddick
The longtime China critic has been asking whether the WHO can be trusted
April 02, 2020
Dan Hitchens
Dear Subscribers, You are always in our prayers here at the Catholic Herald, and now more than ever in this strange moment. The pandemic has of course affected the media too: some countries have banned publications altogether, while several titles – including L’Osservatore Romano, the Vatican’s own daily – have suspended printing. The trials of
April 02, 2020
John Morrill
All suspected sufferers confined to their homes with guards outside; those seriously ill taken to special isolation units (pest-houses); schools, theatres, and fencing and dancing lessons (and for that matter bear-baiting) banned; movement outside the home severely limited and guards on the roads out of/into London; special taxes raised to help all those who were
April 02, 2020
Matthew Schmitz
As the coronavirus spreads, advice from public authorities continues to change. But one admonition remains constant. No matter what, we are told to “trust the experts”. At the March Democratic debate, Joe Biden promised that he, unlike Donald Trump, would “listen to the experts” and “listen to science again”. Lindsey Graham (pictured) said that any
April 02, 2020
Thomas Chacko
Catholic churches in the UK are now closed to the public. This is unprecedented in modern times, but it has happened before in time of plague. At the height of the 1576-7 plague in Milan, the city imposed a near-total quarantine. This was on October 29, and it was intended to last until St Thomas’s
March 29, 2020
Andrew Cusack
For England to become truly English, we ourselves must become what God wants us to be
March 26, 2020
Stephen Morgan
Never have the cultural differences between China and the West been so obvious to me as in the response to coronavirus. To understand the Chinese reaction, you have to grasp that its culture is grounded in the thought of Confucius. The emphasis he placed on the proper ordering of relationships – on harmony, loyalty and
March 26, 2020
Francis Njuguna
Last December the Vatican wrote to Church leaders in South Sudan informing them that it had accepted the retirement of Archbishop Paulino Lukudu Loro as the head of Juba archdiocese and appointed Bishop Stephen Ameyu Mulla of Torit as his successor. In normal circumstances the local Catholic community would welcome the news and arrange a
March 26, 2020
Francis Young
One of the most remarkable survivals in St Paul’s Church in Jarrow – itself a remarkable survivor of Anglo-Saxon architecture – is a dedication stone inscribed on April 23 685, which was laid by the first Abbot of Jarrow, Ceolfrith. Among the monks who witnessed the consecration of the new monastery that day was a
A time of uncertainty requires prayer. Here you can find a list of spiritual resources that may be of use.
March 13, 2020
The Catholic Herald
The Catholic Herald is looking for a commissioning editor: someone who knows what makes a good article, and can work with writers to bring the best out of them. The role is full-time and involves working closely with the team here. So – once coronavirus recedes – you’d have to be able to come into
March 13, 2020
Staff Reporter
The Vatican should immediately drop its deal with China following renewed revelations of forced organ harvesting, human rights campaigners and other leading Catholics have said