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May 15, 2020
Karl Schmude
Bruce Dawe, who has died in Queensland at the age of 90, was one of Australia’s most popular poets. His reputation was due in part to his prolific output and the inclusion of his poems in high school and university curricula. He published more than 10 books of poetry, and his signature collection, Sometimes Gladness,
April 23, 2020
Paola Frankopan
The country has a deep historical memory - every fresco is a reminder of man's vainglory
April 23, 2020
Eleanor Parker
The saint’s romantic story and his association with royalty meant that he was not as easily forgotten as some of his medieval rivals
April 22, 2020
David Paton
Drive-through Confessions, a different kind of weekly obligation - and some very long processions
The Catholic politician has been arrested along with 14 other pro-democracy campaigners in Hong Kong
April 16, 2020
Matthew Schmitz
The architect, as Newman saw, was too attached to the past. But he understood the needs of his time
April 12, 2020
Karl Schmude
After many decades of anti-Catholicism, and the horrendous abuse scandals, a scapegoat emerged
April 11, 2020
Catherine Utley
Any presenter can misspeak. But Nick Robinson's reaction is worth reflecting on
April 09, 2020
James Jeffrey
Tucked at the back of Senator Eddie Lucio Jr’s office in the grand State Capitol building in Texas is a small side room that serves as a chapel. Statues and icons flank a centrepiece painting of Christ catching St Peter’s hands as he sinks into the waves. Catholicism and politics have long had a strained
April 09, 2020
David Alton
In responding to coronavirus, even the most developed societies have been stretched to the limits. How much worse it is for persecuted and despised minorities, living on the margins of society. Friends in Pakistan describe how the pandemic is piling hardship upon hardship. Their lives are difficult enough already: many are forced to live in
April 09, 2020
Niall Gooch
Well, here we all are. Confined to quarters. Recluses, by order of HM Government. No Mass, no pub, no meals out, no sports matches, no public gatherings. The Sealed Knot return to barracks and summer fete committees draw stumps. West London will no longer have to endure its annual invasion by Oxbridge hearties for the
April 08, 2020
Constance Watson
An estimated 320,000 people in the UK are homeless. So what happens when everyone is asked to stay in their homes?