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Iranian leaders may fawn over Pope Francis in public, but privately they see the Holy See as a useful tool for achieving their global ambitions

He was wounded in war, forced underground by the Nazis and silenced by his superiors. But nothing could stop Henri de Lubac from becoming one of the great theologians of his age

We must remember that God has created us for ‘some definite service’

Rural parishes like mine are struggling because of a drop in vocations and a lack of imagination

Tom McCarthy says Catholics should not be put off seeing his Oscar-nominated film about the Boston Globe’s investigation into sexual abuse by clergy

Our deathbeds are an opportunity to sort out the unfinished, sometimes heartbreaking, emotional business of life

Francis delivered a speech which was remarkable for its continuity with St John Paul II and Benedict XVI

The chance of a fixed date being agreed for Easter is close to zero

The annual march gives American Catholics a wonderful opportunity to promote a culture of life