Arts & Books

Precinct Seven Five is a riveting documentary about cops gone very wrong, while Trainwreck is another tedious comedy off the Judd Apatow production line

Antony Beevor gives a vital historical insight into the Ardennes offensive of 1944

Manglehorn explores the story of a misanthropic locksmith who confronts his unhappy past

Getting Out Alive explores the reputation of the UK’s oldest broadcasting organisation after the revelations about paedophile Jimmy Savile

Child Genius an uncomfortable watch with gifted children acting like adults

Stalin’s Daughter explores the life of the woman whose father’s infamous legacy following her around the globe

Inside Out explores what’s going on in our heads with Pixar’s customary insight, wit and wild imagination

Dorothy Day’s House of Hospitality is a vivid account of the trials of a saint in the making

While in Broadmoor, Richard Dadd created astonishingly complex and beautiful paintings

A chronicle of the period between 1910 and 1929 when so many Mexican Catholics endured banishment and persecution