Whether with a Holy Hour or sackcloth and ashes, prelates can make reparation for the sins of their brother bishops

‘We want to know who in the hierarchy knew about his crimes,’ the signatories said

Persons named in the document are still reportedly challenging its release

The Bishop of Jefferson City called for a ‘change of culture among the clergy’

‘The practice, while popular, is not consistent with the Instructions from the Holy See,’ Bishop Robert Vasa said

The bishop announced the decision in a pastoral letter read out at Sunday Mass across the diocese

‘We have reached a point where bishops alone investigating bishops is not the answer,’ the Bishop of Albany said

The Bishop of Harrisburg also ordered the names of former bishops to be removed from buildings

Secularists want to have the monument destroyed for violating the separation of government and religion

The Catholic University of America and Fordham University expressed their sympathy with the ‘pain’ of survivors