American traditions may be recent, but that doesn’t make them inauthentic – and it hasn’t stopped them from conquering the planet

US bishops vote down resolution urging Holy See to release McCarrick documents

The message came after the Vatican ordered the bishops to postpone a vote on plans to deal with the abuse crisis

The wildfires are the most destructive in the state’s history

Cardinal DiNardo announced that the Holy See had insisted that the bishops not vote on their own proposals for dealing with the abuse crisis

Cardinal DiNardo said the Holy See insisted that consideration of new measures be delayed

The lawyer representing the Little Sisters of the Poor said the decision ‘should be welcomed by people of good faith’ on all sides of the issue

Archbishop Wilton Gregory said he was acting ‘in a spirit of transparency’

Voters amended the state constitution to protect the right to life of the unborn

The bishops are holding their first formal meeting since the summer’s scandal began