The final result of the canonical process against the former cardinal is expected soon

Children in the Diocese of Gallup will now receive Confirmation and then First Communion at the same Mass

A journalist claimed Spellman tried to grope him while he was a cadet in the 1960s

The University of Iowa removed the group from its campus because it requires its leaders to affirm that they believe in and live out their Christian faith

Chief Justice John Roberts was the deciding vote in granting the injunction

Cuomo said people such as Dolan and President Trump were ‘spreading falsehoods about abortion laws to inflame their base’

The chapel now hosts weekly Adoration and contains a first-class relic

The archbishop condemned ‘recent incidents of religious intolerance’ by members of the Senate Judiciary Committee

Rally participants said callous statements about in-labor abortion had shocked them and compelled them to protest

The letters urge recipients not to destroy any documents in connection with the case