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Morning Catholic must-reads: 04/02/20

The Nigerian flag

A daily guide to what's happening in the Catholic Church

Nigeria is drifting towards anarchy, Archbishop Alfred Adewale Martins of Lagos has said.

Authorities in Venice may erect a glass barrier to protect St Mark’s Basilica from flooding.

JD Flynn and Ed Condon suggest a study commission on married priests “is on the horizon”.

Gladden Pappin and Gregory Caridi say a “yellow check” system “could help our increasingly polarized Church”.

Robert Royal argues that “the ‘change’ that Francis is pursuing necessarily involves dismantling the work of his two great predecessors”.

Eliza Griswold explores why millennials are drawn to Fr Richard Rohr.

And Fr Jeffrey Kirby recalls the bishop who defended the Catholic Church in the US Congress in 1826.

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