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Morning Catholic must-reads: 17/01/20

Celestino Aós, the new Archbishop of Santiago

A daily guide to what's happening in the Catholic Church

Protesters have disrupted the installation Mass of the new Archbishop of Santiago, Chile.

Two kidnapped Syrian bishops were killed in 2016, investigators have concluded.

Christopher Tolkien, JRR Tolkien’s son, has died aged 95.

Archbishop Mark Coleridge has formally opposed plans to force priests to violate the confessional seal in Queensland.

The Vatican has signed an agreement giving Mongolian scholars greater access to its archives.

Andrea Gagliarducci asks why the Vatican’s draft constitution “does not even mention the office of the Pope Emeritus” (Austen Ivereigh, Fr Raymond de Souza).

And a tabernacle has been retrieved intact from an earthquake-struck church in Puerto Rico.

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