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Morning Catholic must-reads: 04/10/19

Vatican guards salute Pope Francis as he leaves St Peter's Basilica (AP)

A daily guide to what's happening in the Catholic Church

The Holy See has insisted that this week’s police investigation “proves that the new laws of Vatican City State are being applied”.

The Vatican has relaxed restrictions on married ex-priests, according to Religion Digital (Spanish text).

A parish priest has been found murdered, with his hands and feet tied, in his church in Colombia (Spanish report).

Phil Lawler wonders what’s behind the suspension of five Vatican employees.

Melissa Villalobos describes the miracle that will lead to Newman’s canonisation (video).

Marcus and JonMarc Grodi ask if we should still invite other Christians to become Catholics.

And Sister Stephanie Baliga explains why she’s preparing to run her 10th marathon.

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