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Leading disability charity: abortion ruling was ‘wholly wrong’


Disability Rights UK welcomed the Court of Appeal's decision to overturn the original ruling

A leading disability charity has condemned a court ruling which tried to force a woman to have an abortion.

Disability Rights UK told the Catholic Herald that last week’s ruling in the Court of Protection was “wholly wrong”.

DRUK welcomed the Court of Appeal’s decision to overturn the original ruling. The Court of Protection had mandated an abortion for a woman with a “moderately severe” learning disorder.

That ruling was “in contravention of the UN Convention on the rights of People with Disabilities,” DRUK said in a statement.

“In our view, the issue here is to ensure that the woman concerns receives sufficient support to help her with her parenting role.”

Labour MP Mary Glindon also welcomed the Court of Appeal’s decision to overturn the ruling, saying the original decision was “a sad indictment of our society”.

Glindon said that “those responsible for seeking and making” the Court of Protection ruling had shown “total disregard for the wishes of a vulnerable women, her supportive family and the fate of her unborn child, because the law allows them to do it”.