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Scicluna: I was saved by sex abuse victim

Archbishop Scicluna (Getty Images)

The archbishop was speaking with a victim when they told him to see a doctor

Archbishop Charles Scicluna said that his life may be been saved by a victim of sexual abuse after he developed gall bladder trouble during a visit to Chile.

In an interview with a Maltese radio station, Scicluna said the incident occurred during his February 2018 trip to investigate the cover-up of sexual abuse by Bishop Juan Barros.

Scicluna was tasked by Pope Francis to interview victims of sexual abuse, but was feeling unwell and experiencing abdominal pain during the visit.

During one of the interviews, a victim who works as a medical consultant questioned Scicluna about his symptoms and recommended he go to the hospital for testing.

Scicluna followed the advice and was diagnosed with swelling of the gallbladder.

He underwent gallbladder surgery while there and returned to his work after spending three days in the hospital to recover.

Pope Francis in 2015 appointed Scicluna, who also serves as Archbishop of Malta, as the adjunct secretary of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, a role in which he oversees the team in charge of handling appeals filed by clergy accused of abuse.