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Pope Francis: Find mercy in Christ’s wounds


People searching for mercy should 'touch the wounds of Jesus,' Pope Francis said

Christ’s wounds contain the difficulties and persecutions of people who suffer today, Pope Francis said.

Speaking at the Regina Coeli address on the Second Sunday of Easter the Pope told worshippers to “touch the wounds of Jesus”.

“The wounds of Jesus are a treasure from which mercy comes,” he said.

The Gospel reading for the Second Sunday of Easter, also known as Quasimodo Sunday, tells the story of St Thomas who refused to believe that Christ had risen from dead until he could see him and touch his wounds.

Pope Francis added that one way ordinary Christians can touch those wounds is to visit someone who is suffering: “Let us draw close to Jesus and touch his wounds in our brothers.”

“With his wounds, Jesus intercedes before the Father. Give us mercy if we approach, and intercede for us. Don’t forget the wounds of Jesus.”