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Help us spread Catholicism to secular campuses in the United States


When we launched our US edition in November 2018, we noticed that some of our most enthusiastic supporters were young Catholics, especially college students. We also found that many of them don’t have the income to get our magazine.

So we’ve decided to take action. We’re pleased to announce the launch of the new Catholic Herald sponsored subscriptions program.

Sponsored subscriptions are similar to gift subscriptions, except that instead of buying for family and friends, you’re helping out fellow Catholics whom you don’t know personally: students, seminarians, missionaries, active and retired clergy, even prisoners.

When you buy a sponsored subscription — you could pay any amount you want toward one, even $1 – you are helping us get a first-class magazine into more hands.

Subscriptions purchased will be matched with those who have applied to receive one. We have a list already. If you are a student or someone who genuinely can’t afford a magazine subscription, please write to [email protected] to apply for a sponsored subscription. Be sure to include your full name and physical mailing address.

(Please be aware that these applications are based on the honor system. They are truly for those who really need them, and we cannot guarantee that everyone who applies will receive one.)

In addition to helping Catholics of limited means, one of the most important goals of sponsored subscriptions is to spread Catholicism on college campuses, where faith of all kinds is mocked and derided. We’re tired of this. There has to be a way to get off the sidelines and make a tangible difference, and we think our magazine is interesting and attractive enough to inform young people and get them talking about the faith.

So we will be taking a “mission” approach as well, supplying Catholic student groups with the magazine and arming them with the knowledge and arguments necessary to be faithful in hostile environments.

There is a quiet backlash happening in colleges and universities against the reigning orthodoxy of radical secularism and victim politics. Students are hungry for something different. And Catholicism is what many of these students are turning to.

We want to do our part. We have been generous so far in giving away our product, and we will continue to do so, but we can make an even greater difference with your generosity.

You can now buy sponsored subscriptions here