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British missionary found dead in Peru

Brother Paul McAuley

Peru's bishops have called for 'those responsible' to be found

Brother Paul McAuley, a British Lasallian missionary, has been found dead at a hostel in Peru. According to media reports, his body had been burned.

McAuley, who was aged 71, had worked in Peru since 1995 and spent much of his time working with indigenous peoples. He frequently clashed with the authorities, opposing deals with oil companies which he argued would devastate the environment and the social fabric. In 2010, the Peruvian government threatened to deport McAuley, leading to a public outcry.

Much of McAuley’s work was devoted to education. He set up a school in a poor area of Lima – an achievement recognised in Britain, where he was awarded an MBE.

The Peruvian bishops’ conference paid tribute to McAuley and called on the authorities “to clarify the facts and find those responsible”.