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Catholic journalist questioned by police after transgender activist complains

The headquarters of Surrey Police. Photo © Paul Gillett (cc-by-sa/2.0)

A Catholic journalist has been questioned by police after a dispute with the head of a transgender charity.

Caroline Farrow, a columnist for the Catholic Universe and a frequent contributor to TV and radio, was called in by Surrey Police after a complaint from the transgender rights activist Susie Green. Green has since withdrawn her complaint.

Green says that she reported Farrow for a series of tweets, which are no longer online. One allegedly described Green’s actions towards her child, who identifies as female, as: “She mutilated him by having him castrated and rendered sterile while still a child.” Another described the policy of Green’s organisation Mermaids as “child abuse”.

Farrow says that Surrey Police only made reference to her “misgendering” Green’s child by referring to the child as male. “All I have been told,” she tweeted on Monday, was “that following an appearance on Good Morning Britain I made some tweets misgendering Susie Green’s child and that I need to attend a taped interview.”

In a statement, Surrey Police confirmed that “a 44-year-old woman has been asked to attend a voluntary interview in relation to the allegation as part of our ongoing investigation.” They said that they had received an allegation on October 15 last year, and were carrying out “a thorough investigation” to “establish whether any criminal offences have taken place”.

Green said that she had withdrawn her complaint because she thought the police investigation was giving Farrow publicity.

Update: Surrey Police have dropped the case, saying: “The original allegation has subsequently been withdrawn and no further action will be taken in relation to this matter.”